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Cambrios, an American venture enterprise engaged in the development of transparent conductive film technology by solution processing, produces various conduit technologies that meet its standards, and has developed a new technology that can form high-precision wiring patterns with fewer processes This technology is named "patternable transfer lay1" and the latest research is called "Er process". Its principle is to transfer the transparent conductive film made on the base plate in advance to other base plates and form patterns at the same time Although photolithography technology is used in the process of transferring to the base plate and pattern formation, there is no need to etch the pattern because no photoresist is used "Strive to reach the practical level in 2009" (hash pakbaz, vice president of the company's business development department)

the technical steps of pattern formation developed this time are as follows under the current poor operation of domestic scrap market

1. The transparent conductive film material named "clearohm" ink developed by cambrios is coated on the anti mucous membrane (thin-film bottom plate) to form a transparent conductive film

2. The transparent conductive film is covered with a photosensitive adhesive layer

3. Paste the anti-adhesive film formed in step 1 onto the bottom plate (e.g., pet, polycarbonate resin, glass, etc.) to be patterned At this time, make the bonding layer contact the surface of the base plate and press it

4. A photomask for pattern formation is installed on the anti-adhesive film, and ultraviolet (i-line) is irradiated on it to expose only the areas where the pattern is desired to be formed

5. Remove the protective film In this way, only the pattern of the transparent conductive film is left on the base plate, and the transparent conductive film other than the pattern is removed together with the anti mucous membrane

cambrios exhibited the roll shaped plastic base plate made of transparent conductive film based on clearohm at "FPD international 2008" (Yokohama Pacific Convention and Exhibition Center, October 29-31) (see the report on this website) The company has established a mass production system for electrostatic capacitive touch panels The above anti mucous membrane with transparent conductive film used in the patternable transfer layer process is expected to become a new product after the coiled plastic base plate

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