Decoration effect of Anhua sanitary ware brand

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Intellectualization is the wind vane of home furnishing in 2013. Phil series starts from the needs of consumers, pays attention to humanized care, and pursues all life changes brought about by new technology. Anhua bathroom integrates advanced electronic technology into product design, showing the power of science and technology from intelligent toilet and bathtub to bathroom cabinet, faucet and shower room. Phil series takes futurism as the design concept, adopts large-area white with black decoration, and creates a fully functional and simple electronic bathroom space with smooth lines and beautiful appearance

the retro style is always unconventional, and the neoclassicism concept with traces of western classic style is extremely modern in Anhua bathroom glass series. The glass series integrates 21st century fashion and scientific and technological elements into the overall design of the palace atmosphere. The round sanitary ware product design, exquisite relief patterns, carved gold mounting, noble and elegant charm, and the collocation of the main and auxiliary cabinets have a great capacity, Perfectly solve the problems of storage, and focus on the organic combination of architecture and nature, human and nature. The overall effect is luxurious without publicity, elegant without kitsch

simplicity can better meet the public's aesthetic vision and create extraordinary taste in simplicity. Anhua sanitary ware Miami series provides optional color schemes, and the fashionable black main body is more calm and atmospheric. The overall design is full of fashion charm, and the inspiration is commensurate with the quality, reflecting all aspects. Anhua's water-saving star abb1348 one-piece toilet, five piece bathtub and oak bathroom cabinet configured in Miami series are less functional than intelligent products, but they meet the needs of home life more greenly, low-carbon, efficient, elegant, healthy, and interpret the high-quality lifestyle of bathroom





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