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Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is the new leader of the industry in the share reform. Reading Guide: on May 9, 2007, the Shanghai composite index broke through the 4000 point mark and closed at 4013. On the same day two years ago, the index was only at 1130. On that day, the pilot work of the split share structure reform was officially launched. Thus, share reform, consideration, compensation, G shares, which contain specific content in a specific period

on May 9th, 2007, the Shanghai composite index broke through the 4000 point mark and closed at 4013. On the same day two years ago, the index was only at 1130. On that day, the pilot work of the split share structure reform was officially launched. As a result, the terms of share reform, consideration, compensation and G shares, which contain specific contents in a specific period, have become popular

looking back on the past, it is the stock reform that saved the securities market on the verge of collapse and awakened China's stock market that has fallen for four years. We are experiencing and participating in a historic change in China's history. Looking forward to the future, the success of the share reform, the arrival of the era of full circulation, the recovery and expansion of the capital market, and the great growth of the national wealth have provided a crucial fulcrum for leveraging the "rise of great powers"

standing at this historical moment, this newspaper witnessed the moment when the first share of the share reform of Sany Heavy Industry passed the share reform plan. Two years later, it came to Sany Heavy Industry, witnessed the changes of the share reform in the past two years, interviewed the executive president xiangwenbo, and told President Xiang about some little-known stories in the Sany share reform and the development prospects of Sany Heavy Industry

Xiaogang Village in the stock market

if we say that the large-scale contracting in Xiaogang Village, Fengyang County, Anhui Province, started the reform of China's rural system, the success of Sany's share reform opened a new chapter in China's capital market reform

economist hanzhiguo believes that the split share structure reform can be listed as one of the three major reforms in China. The first major reform is the rural reform, which liberates farmers and brings us the first pot of gold for our reform. The second major reform was the liberalization of the pricing power of commodity prices, which brought about our socialist market economy. The third major reform is the marketization of asset pricing, which is obviously a revolutionary change

in that year, because there was no food to eat, several farmers in Xiaogang Village spontaneously signed an agreement and took the first step in the reform of the rural economic system. The background and starting point of the split share structure reform is very similar to that at that time, because the capital market is on the verge of collapse, the stock index has fallen below 1000 points, new shares cannot be issued, and the capital market has reached a point where it cannot go on. Therefore, as a major historical change, its decision-making and implementation are no easier than the original rural system reform in terms of risks and pressures

fell into a huge vortex

introduced to the general manager: after we came up with the plan for the split share structure reform, we thought that the market would be applauded. Because at this time point, the holders of Sany shares will receive 3.5 shares for every 10 shares, and a compensation of 8 yuan. This is a compensation for history and a benefit to shareholders who happen to hold Sany shares. Who knows the first reaction of the market is to fall, and the response of the media is a lot of doubt and criticism. The share reform has become the focus of social concern or the focus of the struggle in the capital market. Sany fell into a whirlpool and was helpless. The pressure we faced at that time as outsiders could not understand

you can only use paper cups to drink tea

at this juncture, unexpectedly, there was another "pig theory" disturbance. At that time, when Chairman Liang Wengen reported the necessity of share reform to leaders of relevant departments, he drew an analogy with big pigs and small pigs. As a result, a certain media wrote an article. In order to attract attention, the editor in chief changed the title to "big pigs eat little pigs, don't make trouble". He opposed this issue, which led to a nationwide storm and attracted a lot of abuse. Even people's commentators wrote articles criticizing the pig theory. This event reflects the extent to which this antagonistic mood has reached at that time

the voting at the shareholders' meeting is the key to the success of the share reform. The reason why the Sany shareholders' meeting is so harmonious is that it has made careful arrangements for every detail. According to the general manager, how many details should be considered? One is whether to set up a podium, whether to make a report, how long the report will be, whether to invite the audience, whether to invite friendly media or all the media, whether to conduct safety inspection, and whether to drink tea is a paper cup to avoid possible injury. Including inviting singers to sing, what songs to sing, and in which link to sing; Whether the band plays classical or modern music has been strictly and carefully discussed

"bargaining" is the first step.

Sany has tried its best to communicate with shareholders

previously, according to the regulations of relevant departments, the share reform plan has been reported to the State Council for filing and cannot be adjusted. However, the plan does not change the mentality of small shareholders, because their rights are not respected. So Sany reported to the relevant departments, raised the payment consideration, improved the conditions for reducing its holdings, and made positive responses to the issues most concerned by shareholders, so that his rights were respected. Later, Sany's share reform plan became a more general model, in which large and small shareholders can bargain. Obviously, this is an innovation

it can be imagined that purple light did not vote at that time. If Sany did not, what would be the consequences? The latter two will certainly fail, so I don't know when China's share reform will come true. Now it seems that the consideration of Sany's plan is quite high. Why can Sany bear such a high consideration? One is Sany's understanding of the share reform, and the other has such a belief: "China can have no Sany, but it can't have a developed capital market."

qualitative leap

as the first share of the share reform, Sany has endured unprecedented pressure and made great sacrifices. When the ice breaking journey of the share reform became a reality, Mr. liangwengen also boarded the podium of the economic figure V in 2006, which realized the transmission, processing and comprehensive management of experimental data. On June 10 two years ago, Sany Heavy Industries' share reform plan passed the vote with 93.44% of the circulating shareholders, becoming the "first share of share reform" in China's securities market. On june1,2005, before the suspension of voting on the share reform, the closing price of Sany Heavy Industry was RMB 19.68. At that time, the total share capital was 240million shares, and the total market value of the company was RMB 4723.2 billion. Two years later, the total share capital reached 960million shares, with a total market value of more than 40billion yuan, an increase of nearly 10 times

before the share reform, Sany had no motivation, and many projects were placed outside the listed companies. After the successful share reform, the company plans to gradually inject all construction machinery projects into listed companies. After the completion of the share reform, the enterprise has undergone fundamental changes. First, operators are more concerned about the performance of listed companies. On the one hand, they do a good job in operation, and on the other hand, they try their best to inject high-quality assets into listed companies to enhance enterprise value; Second, the government has strongly promoted the overall listing of large enterprises, which has enhanced the value of listed companies; Third, the return of companies issuing shares overseas, especially high-quality companies, will enhance the value center of the entire market. Therefore, the share reform has fundamentally changed the value of listed companies and made a qualitative leap in the capital market

recollection and reflection

looking back on the past, the ups and downs are worth recollecting, and we need to reflect more. As a market participant, how to stand at a higher level and look at problems from a longer-term perspective, rather than just stand at their own position; As a media, it pays more attention to its own society rather than just grabbing attention; As a government, it must take a clear-cut stand on major issues; As experts and scholars, they should have independent views. From now on, the success of the split share structure reform is not only reflected in the price trend of the market. The Shanghai stock index rose from 998 to 4335. More importantly, as the largest, deepest and most far-reaching institutional evolution of China's stock market, the split share structure reform has greatly promoted the marketization of China's stock market, which is an epoch-making revolution, It marks the end of an old era and the beginning of a new era in China's stock market

Editor's note: Recently, the major large cap stock indexes in the global market, such as the London financial times 100 index, the Nikkei 225 index and the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index, are challenging the previous highs driven by the Dow, triggering a round of global blue chip market

the Shanghai Stock Index started at 1000 points and rose all the way to 4335 points, with a huge increase. At present, the fundamental factors supporting the bull market have not changed. However, recently, the A-share market is gradually transitioning from a pure liquidity driven market stage to a real and predictable performance driven market stage. This stage will be the world of blue chips, but also a paradise for high growth blue chips

investing in blue chips may not necessarily yield high returns, but buying blue chips will certainly yield long-term stable returns

it is not enough to look for blue chips. We should look for blue chips with high growth

for this reason, this newspaper will launch a company research column from time to time --- looking for new blue chips for growth. Please pay attention

interview with the boss: at the beginning of this year, Sany group and its affiliated companies reduced the shares of Sany from the secondary market. Are you not optimistic about its future development

xiangwenbo: the reduction is the part increased during the share reform. Now, the group still holds the part, because the group has an 800million bonds due to be repaid. Our primary responsibility is to run the company well. It is normal for a listed company to adjust its debt structure, reduce its operational risk, or make new investments by reducing its shareholding

: we can see that Sany's net profit increased by 157.70% last year and 600% year-on-year in the first quarter of this year. What does Sany rely on for its high growth? Can high growth be maintained in the future

Xiang Wenbo: one is the growth of performance, the other is the change of financial system. In the past, prudent financial policies were adopted. The so-called revenue is calculated by the due payment for goods, not by the delivery. At present, all listed companies use the delivery method. The other is investment income. Of course, the explosive growth with increasingly reasonable spatial layout will not continue in the future, but the momentum of high growth will continue

: what is the profit of the assets acquired through this additional offering? What is the impact on Sany's performance? Do major shareholders have any plans to inject high-quality assets into listed companies

xiangwenbo: this acquisition is 100% of the equity of Beijing Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. the company is in good operation. Last year, the net profit was 95.8 million yuan, and it is expected to reach 140million yuan this year, which will increase the earnings per share by 0.14 yuan. Major shareholders have promised to integrate all construction machinery projects of the group into listed companies, and the specific time and timing have not been determined

: what is Sany's future development goal

xiangwenbo: the whole Sany group has two goals: one is that the sales revenue will reach 30billion in 2010, and the other is that it will exceed 100 billion in 2010. Its development strategy is to rely on continuous innovation and new product development, which is the driving force for the development of Sany; Second, the international Shandong Star high-tech electronic universal experimental machine adopts double space floor structure and market development. At present, the products have been sold to more than 70 countries in the world, and sales systems have been established in more than 100 countries. We are in America

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